Russian pulp and paper industry - NEW REALITIES, NEW OPPORTUNITIES

30 November - 01 December, 2023, Istanbul - TURKEY

"Russian Pulp and Paper Industry - NEW REALITIES, NEW OPPORTUNITIES" 6th International Conference


The VI International Conference "Russian Pulp and Paper Industry - New Realities, New Opportunities" was held at the Shangri-La Bosphorus (Istanbul, Turkey). 

This key event in the pulp and paper industry, is held at the initiative of the Union of Timber and Timber Exporters of Russia and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the conference operator is traditionally the Association of Specialists of Pulp and Paper Industry (ASPI). 

After a three-year break, the conference was attended by over 200 Russian and foreign experts.

In 2022 the small number of participants from the European Union was compensated by a large number of participants from friendly countries - Turkey, China, India, Iran, as well as a number of countries in the Middle East and Latin America. 

Extremely important topics were raised during the discussions. As a result of the Conference in the closing speech of the President of the Union of Timber Industry and Forest Exporters of Russia and co-chair of the organizing committee of the Conference M. Tatsyun summarized, which displayed most of the aspects and problems of the current state and ways of development of the pulp and paper industry in Russia. 

During the Gala-dinner an award ceremony was held, where one of our sponsors, the partner bank Sberbank PJSC, was awarded as an effective partner of the Russian pulp and paper industry among financial and credit institutions. 

The VI Conference "Russian Pulp and Paper Industry - New Realities, New Opportunities" once again proved to be a convenient platform for such meetings and discussions between producers of pulp and paper products, its consumers, industry and financial investors, representatives of government and professional community of forest and pulp and paper industry, equipment manufacturers.

Conference Organizers

Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters Russia


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation


ASPPI - Association of Specialists of the Pulp and Paper Industry


Shangri-La Bosphorus